Driving SAP on Azure Migration for Capita

Readiness for Change

Capita engaged with Aliter Consulting in Q1 of 2020 for the migration of their SAP estate to Azure. The main factors driving this necessity to move were: 

  • Date centre lease expiring 
  • Desire to reduce hosting costs 
  • Desire for agile/lean environment
  • Readiness to innovate further 

The move to an agile/lean platform was an attractive proposition, to position and prepare for the forthcoming S/4HANA program.


Optimised Migration

Aliter Consulting were responsible for the design, deployment and migration of the SAP estate to Azure for the SAP software  components in scope – this comprised a 4-tier landscape for BW, ECC, EP, PI and SRM. 

Drawing on many years’ experience in performing complex SAP OS/DB migrations, we were able to ensure a smooth migration; activities were completed within the allotted business outage with no data loss  encountered.



Aliter Consulting were able to migrate the entire SAP estate in six months, avoiding the need to extend the data centre lease. Benefits realised included: 

  • Reduced operational costs by 30%
  • Streamlined operations 
  • Resizing and rationalising file systems
  • Kernel and ASE patch level uplift
  • Knowledge transfer to own IT teams
  • Project deadlines met and under budget 
  • System refresh process improved 

As Microsoft and SAP continue to expand their cloud service offerings, Capita are now well positioned to adopt them. 

With greater stability, near limitless capacity and faster change, Capita are now perfectly placed to accelerate their journey to the intelligent enterprise powered by S/4HANA. Supported by Aliter Consulting, Microsoft Azure and SAP.

Aliter Consulting had helped us successfully migrate our SAP systems during previous on-premises hardware upgrades and were the logical choice when we decided to move our SAP workload to Azure. We successfully migrated our entire SAP estate
comprising 100 virtual machines in 6 months and are now benefiting from the flexibility of cloud computing.

Richard Good

Head of Enterprise Applications, Capita

Aliter Consulting have many years’ experience in the migration of SAP systems for a variety of operating systems and database combinations with a recent focus on moving customer SAP workloads to Azure. If you’re thinking of such a move, we’d be happy to discuss.

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