Architecture & Design

Our SAP Technical Consultants have many years’ experience architecting and designing technical solutions on various platforms utilizing up to date technologies from SAP and their partners. We can take a broad specification from our customers and architect a future proof technical solution using the latest available SAP technology components and following SAP best practices.

Network Zoning: Knowing where to locate on your network the numerous of SAP components in your design can be challenging. Whether you should locate a software component in the LAN, internal DMZ or external DMZ is an important choice. As companies start to explore hybrid cloud solutions for SAP to connect their on-premise SAP solution to applications on SAP HANA Cloud platform over the internet, locating the SAP HANA Cloud Connector on your network needs careful consideration. We will work closely with your network and security teams to ensure the right choices are made and written into the design.

High Availability: Aliter Consulting have worked on many SAP implementations demanding high availability solutions to protect single points of failure such as the SAP Central Services, SAP Web Dispatcher and database instances. We can build solutions that incorporate high availability of SAP NetWeaver systems and technology components plus associated database systems utilizing industry standard offerings for HA – Microsoft® Clustering Services for Windows®, IBM® Tivoli System Automation for Multi-platforms, Red Hat® Cluster and VMware offerings such as VMware HA and VMware Fault Tolerance.

Disaster Recovery: Disaster Recovery (DR) is often high on the list of requirements of our customers. We can build solutions that incorporate disaster recovery utilizing leading edge database technologies such as SAP Replication Server (SRS) to replicate your transactional systems’ data from a primary site to one or more standby sites.