Transform your business with Microsoft Azure

No matter if you’re looking for a ‘concept to completion’ service or simply some consultancy advice and support, our team of industry leading experts are on hand to help. From the technical analysis on your existing systems and platforms, through to service improvements and the subsequent automation, our SAP on Azure offering gives your business everything it needs to transform.

Read our SAP on Azure Case Study.


Our “SAP on Azure: Discover” service allows you to be ready for your planned move of your SAP workload to the Microsoft Azure IaaS platform. While the Azure IaaS platform is certified to run SAP workloads, you have to be confident in advance that your company’s unique workload is technically ready and will run your business as usual with as little impact as possible.


With our “SAP on Azure: Design” service, you work closely with our consultants to produce a solid design with which to implement your IaaS solution for implementing or migrating your SAP workload onto Azure. Using reference architecture for SAP on Azure from Microsoft, coupled with SAP Best Practices, we ensure the best options to meet your requirements are adopted.


Our “SAP on Azure: Deploy” service uses the output from our “SAP on Azure: Design” service to deploy the necessary network, security, storage and compute resources to support your SAP workload. We ensure that you and your business can build your new platform with confidence. 


Ease the pain of migrating your workload with our “SAP on Azure: Migrate” service. This includes all the aspects of the “SAP on Azure: Deploy” service plus the execution of the migration of your existing on-premises SAP workload to the Azure platform. 


Security must have critical focus, when moving to the cloud.

Our “SAP on Azure: Secure” service can scan your SAP systems for vulnerabilities, Detect Threats from external sources and provide SAP best practice security across your estate. Find out more about our Security Services.


Once you’ve made the move to the Azure platform and operations have stabilised, our “SAP on Azure: Run” service can help identify opportunities to save costs. The “SAP on Azure: Run” service also helps identify opportunities for improving your overall SAP service by tackling any pain points or streamlining through automation.