On January 10, 2022, Aliter Consulting and Protect4S signed a partnership agreement, strengthening both parties’ SAP security services in the UK region.

Gary Jackson, Founder & Director of Aliter Consulting says, “Protect4S is an affordable SAP security software that allows us to augment our SAP cybersecurity offerings at a lower cost to meet the increasing demand of our customers. Their complete SAP security solution complements our service offerings well as it enables SAP customers to automate their periodic SAP security processes and make SAP security much easier.”

Protect4S is an SAP-certified Add-On and the most complete and advanced SAP Vulnerability Management solution worldwide. With Protect4S, the SAP systems are automatically scanned for around 2000 security checks at any desired frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). Protect4S automates many processes and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, mitigation plans and reports.

“With Aliter Consulting being our third partner from the UK, we are quickly expanding our presence in the UK region. These partnerships allow us to reach a larger number of SAP companies in the UK to secure their SAP systems,” says Onno Coenen, Partner & Commercial Lead at Protect4S.

About Protect4S

Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. Founded in 2010 in The Netherlands, Protect4S is operational worldwide with customers and partners all over the world. See also protect4s.com