Hot on the heels of the announcement that Aliter Consulting & Harvey Nash are hosting a free breakfast roundtable event on the subject of SAP landscape planning and migration; SAP have announced a significant change to the SAP Business Suite 7 maintenance support dates.

See more about the SAP Business Suite 7 announcement from SAP on 4th February.
You will have understood that SAP’s announcement excludes SAP Netweaver BW (not the same as software component SAP_BW), that it does include Solution Manager and the Netweaver AS Java (of Netweaver 7.5).
This means that your business now has a goal to achieve: Stay with SAP as best-of-breed and best-in-class (for ERP), or look to move to another product by the end of 2027, or 2030 at the latest (using the additional extended maintenance at an increased cost of 2% above normal extended maintenance prices).


What’s Missing:

The Product Availability Matrix (a.k.a PAM) has already been updated in the key places, with the new dates.

The integrated SRM EHP4 for SRM 7.0 on ERP 6 EHP 8, is not included. At least, PAM does not say so.  The SAP note 1648480 states that SAP will review Add-ons on a case-by-case basis.  That’s clarity for you!
This means that you will potentially need to separate, or move the SRM stack out of the ERP stack if you are using the “embedded” version.

If you are using the SAP_BW component inside the ERP stack, then the maintenance support dates are documented in SAP note 2741041, and consequently follow the newly announced 2027 date for Business Suite 7.

The PAM entries for Netweaver AS ABAP 7.5 and 7.52 are still saying they are supported until December 2025.
This is still the case for anything that runs on these platforms which is not SAP Business Suite 7, or Solution Manager.

Content Server is part of the Business Suite component set, because it comes as part of the SAP ERP download media from looking at the software download center.


The Short & The Long of It:

For your SAP landscape technical roadmap, the following may be on your agenda for the coming months:

  • Defining an O/S patching/migration/upgrade strategy.
  • Defining a database patching/upgrade/migration strategy.
  • Defining a Kernel patching/upgrade strategy.
  • Defining a cloud migration strategy.
  • Defining a Fiori adoption program.
  • Building out SAP TMC.
  • Automation.

Join us at the free breakfast roundtable event in association with Harvey Nash, and see what others are planning, what may be possible, what strategies are available and how the SAP announcement could effect existing plans.

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