Test Data Management Readiness for Cloud

If you’re concerned about the storage footprint of your current SAP estate and the impact it may have on a move to public cloud, let us help you make that step closer to achieving your goal of a cost-effective move to cloud hosting for SAP by addressing your test data management strategy and process. 

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Service Definition


  • Empowerment: augment existing staff with knowledge and tools from Aliter and partners to improve your SAP data refresh process, skills and expertise. 
  • Quick Wins: reduce the projected storage footprint of the SAP non-production workload you’re planning to move to public cloud by reviewing your SAP system refresh process. 
  • Service Improvement: recommend, design and implement modern, flexible and simpler data refresh processes. 

Benefits: Reduce your current SAP data footprint in readiness for a planned move to cloud and empower your own teams to take this further forward as an on-going exercise. The reduction in data footprint will enable the move to happen in a shorter window and help cost management once you’re there.