Test & Dev Data Refresh Process Improvement

When was the last time you refreshed your data in the pre-prod or test system? 


Have you ever heard a developer or analytics consultant say, “we can only test this in prod”? 

Have you had developments that have worked OK in test but failed in production? 

Do you have to wait until changes are transported to pre-prod before you get a real test of your development code? 

Perhaps you have tried to get one of the market leading tools to solve these problems, but you are still running your test and development systems on data that is 12 months old because it’s just too disruptive? Chances are you would benefit from better management of test and dev data.  

At Aliter Consulting we’ve seen all the above scenarios and more, and thrive on the challenge to improve the test data management to improve the overall success of the development cycle. 

See the full service definition below.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion on how we might improve frequency of test data refresh while reducing its overall impact on your projects. 

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Service Definition

Our service will provide an iterative process of improvement that takes into consideration the people, process and technology. This will, where possible, attempt to maximise value of existing software tool purchases.

Features: Assessment of existing process and report on inefficient or incomplete processes. Recommended changes. Completion of process changes. Knowledge transfer and/or remote running of processes on customers behalf on an agreed schedule. 

Benefits: Improve testing quality, reduce effort and stress in test data update process, reduce the effort in each refresh. “Shift left” testing by making testing where the code is written more relevant with relevant data. 

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